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Allen University
Gibbs Hall & Adams Hall Renovation 
Columbia, SC.

September 2000

Scope of Work: Provided design and construction management services to renovate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and add classrooms in the basement of Gibbs Hall and retrofit the pool at Adams Hall.

The work noted above is a brief synopsis of the project completed for Allen University. This project has provided a proper learning environment for future leaders of the World. 

Listed below are some of the duties preformed:

  • Pressure Washed and Painted the Exterior of the building
  • Painted all interior surfaces
  • Replaced existing Downspouts, Windows, all corridor doors, floor tile and Ceiling Tile
  • Installed new carpet
  • Replaced assembly room chairs
  • Preformed minor demolition
  • Cleaned and waxed laboratory floors
  • Drained pool
  • Erect supports for a plywood deck and stage
  • Provided steps and ramps
  • Installed handrails, carpet and electrical outlets

Allen University Gibbs Hall & Adams Hall Renovation   

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