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Lead Abatement

??All lead abatement work will be performed in accordance with 29 CFR 1926.62.  Lead Exposure in Construction Interim Final Rule.  Lead work will be governed by this standard on all sites where inorganic lead compounds are detected.

All lead abatement work will be performed inside a regulated area.  This area will be demarcated in a manner that will restrict entry and prevent others from exposures to airborne lead.  All approaches to the regulated area will be marked with signs informing others of the work being performed.

Biosphere International, Inc. will ensure that no employee is exposed to airborne concentrations of lead in excess of 50 ug/m3 as an eight-hour time weighted average.  If an employee is exposed to lead for more than 8 hours a day the employees allowable exposure (PEL) will be reduced according to the formula established in the standard.

A compliance plan will be developed to determine the strategy and schedule for protecting employees from occupational exposure to lead. The compliance plan will only be valid for a period of six months and will be updated regularly to contain the relevant information specific to the conditions at the project site.

Hand washing facilities will always be provided at each lead project location.  Other hygiene facilities will by provided as required by the regulation. Employees will be required to wash their hands each time they leave a regulated area.

All employees will be trained in accordance with both OSHA and EPA training requirements.  OSHA training will consist of the curricular established by the standard and EPA by their training requirements under 40 CFR Part 745.  Certification of training will meet either state or EPA requirements whichever governs for that state.

Biosphere International, Inc. will maintain records of objective data used to determine employee exposures, exposure measurements, medical surveillance, training, and data to rebut PACM, records of required notifications and disposal records. 

These records will be made available to the Assistant Secretary and the Director for examining and copying.  Employee medical records will be available for examination and copying to the subject employee.  The transfer of records will be made in compliance with 29 CFR 1910.20.

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